A Rough Guide to Prices

I work very hard to try to make every show into a theatrical and artistic experience, and every performance is individually tailored to the event, so I don’t try to compete on price. The following is a rough guide to charges for particular types of event.

I really do try to please everyone so there are generous discounts for mid week parties after school and during half term holidays.

If you plan in advance you can split the cost with other parents by sharing parties with one or more children with birthdays close together. (It’s also a lot less work and highly recommended!)

Travel and other expenses where appropriate are additional – see bottom of page for details

Children’s Birthday Parties

Parties start at £120 plus travel for a show lasting about an hour. Weekend dates in the summer may be a bit more and December is usually a lot more. See below for details of travel costs.

*Midweek Discount – £30 off!

Weekend Parties start at £120 but if you want to save money and still have a great party, then why not hold the party after school, or during half term? I’m currently offering £30 off the normal price for after school or midweek parties, so you can have a great show for £90 plus travel. Better still, team up with someone else and have a joint party and halve the cost! Compare that to taking children to one of those party play places! I’ll even barter if you have something to offer …?

Playgroups and Play Schemes

Usually about the same as children’s parties depending on the size of the event, and who is providing the treasure …

 Other Events

Prices for schools, festivals, theatres and and other types of event can be found on the Professor Paradox website

Travel Costs

I quote individually but you can work out an approximation by using Google Maps to find the distance from the venue to TA13. The one way distance is the approximate cost in pounds, although I do take journey time into account too, and add a bit more for slow routes. Overnight accommodation where necessary is additional

Please note that all bookings are subject to the terms and conditions